Vibratory Finishing

The Vibratory Finishing process is inspired by nature; by the way a constantly flowing stream will transform a rough stone into a perfectly polished pebble.

 Our process uses friction on an industrial scale, in a controlled chemical environment.  The components and the media (the abrasives) are set to vibrate in a tank filled with water and a chemical additive until they produce the desired finish.  The quantity of matter removed, the degree of polish and the surface condition depend on the composition and size of the media used.

Polishing, deburring, edge contouring, deoxidation, smoothing, degreasing, surface cleaning and descaling: a real avalanche of applications are available through the use of abrasive friction, otherwise known as vibratory finishing.

Vibratory finishing is a reflection of nature at work.  Water and sand transform stones into smooth, round pebbles, and vibratory finishing works in the same way.  By putting the abrasives, water and an additive into a vibrating tank, we can deburr and polish a vast array of components.


  • DEBURRING: Removing detachable burrs from any type of component and material.
  • BRIGHTENING : Improved appearance.
  • POLISH: Improved surface finish.
  • DEOXIDATION: Eliminating corrosion.
  • DESCALING: Restoring a components original appearance.
  • DULLING: Angle breaking.
  • CLEANING: degreasing, deoiling

Application areas

 Automotive, medical, watchmaking, aeronautics, jewelery, connectors, ...

Vibratory Finishing Machinery Park

  • Straight vibrator tank, circular vibrator barrel.
  • Machinery park from 10CL to 1200 L.