Abrasive material and high speed air projection

The abrasive action of wind-blown sand against hard objects (rocks, monuments) has been known and understood for thousands of years. This technique is based on subjecting a component to a high speed air flow containing an abrasive material.The materials will gradually wear away the surface of the article, so the abrasive products are chosen carefully to produce the desired result.


  • DEBURRING: Removing detachable burrs from any type of component and material.
  • DEOXIDATION: Eliminating corrosion.
  • DESCALING: Restoring a components original appearance.
  • MICRO SHOT PEENING: Sand-blasting with glass beads.

Other materials:

  • powdered glass, brass, stainless steel…
  • steel shot and beads, peach pits, plastic, corundum…

Areas of application

  • Automobile, medical, clocks and watches, aeronautics, jewellery, connectors…

Machine park

  • Sand-blasters: manual, barrel, carousel.